Photo by Michael J. Locke

Photo by Michael J. Locke


Would you care to see what information you can obtain right now about a Los Angeles property?  The following links are public information sites for information and photos:

Los Angeles Department of City Planning will provide maps and assessor’s information of

Photo Michael J Locke

Photo Michael J Locke

selected property: >>

Want to see what the Department of Public Works and Building and Safety use for Los Angeles property information?  NavigateLA is the place: >>

The Los Angeles Public Library has an extensive collection of photos archived online: >>

The following links are useful resources for those interested in Los Angeles, the Windsor Square-Hancock Park area, and historic preservation.

Larchmont Boulevard is the spine of our community:
Larchmont Boulevard Association >>

The Larchmont Chronicle has been keeping track of the changes for decades:

Larchmont Chronicle

Larchmont Chronicle

Larchmont Chronicle >>

Windsor Square recently became a Los Angeles Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ):

Hancock Park is now going through the process to become a Los Angeles Historic Preservation Overlay Zone:
Hancock Park Historic Preservation Advocacy Group >>

Information on Hancock Park:
Hancock Park Homeowners Association >>

Information on Windsor Square:
Windsor Square Association >>

Information on Wilshire Park:
Wilshire Park Association >>

The Los Angeles Conservancy offers tours and events in the greater Los Angeles area:
Los Angeles Conservancy >>

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