304 So. Rimpau Boulevard, Hancock Park

Take A Look At The Rimpau Boulevard Stairs

Hand-painted ceilings are among the unique features of this Italian Mediterranean style home.  Arched windows also contribute to the home’s beauty.

Built in 1924 for the Dell’Acqua family, it had been owned by their descendants until 1986 when the home was purchased by the Ronald Auberts.

The five-bedroom residence contains 6,637 square feet and has many distinctive Oriental furnishings.
Some of the more dramatic furniture has been in Mrs. Aubert’s family for three generations and came to this country from missionaries stationed in China at the turn of the century.  These pieces include a desk, screen and table.

Painted ceilings have been restored in the living room, dining room, game good, and breakfast room. The master bedroom has been converted into a game room for the family.

Transcribed and edited by Bret Parsons, February 2022