215 No. Norton Avenue, Windsor Square

Look At the Norton Avenue Windsor Square

From “The Historical Observer” Fall 2004 Although the original permit for this lovely home is not on file, we do know quite a bit about the renovations that have made it the showplace it is. The house was built in 1924 and was purchased two years later by William O. Sampson.  Sampson started his career…

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144 No. Norton Avenue, Windsor Square

Take A Look At Dutch Colonial Revival House

From “The Historical Observer” Fall 2004 This property was originally part of the tract owned by Gilbert S. Wright, who is the owner of record from 1912 to 1923.  The Dutch Colonial Revival house was built in 1921, most likely on spec.  Permit number 2017 describes an eight-room house, two stories in height, to be built…

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120 No. Norton Avenue, Windsor Square

Making Maximum Use of Functional Space

The John G. Mathieson residence is by architect Paul Williams completed in the early 1920s.  The two-story, three bedroom, brick English miniature exemplifies one of Williams’ design philosophies:  making maximum use of functional space. The floor plan remains functional to this day allowing the smooth flow of guests and residents alike. When Mr. Mathieson purchased…

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102 No. Norton Avenue, New Windsor Square

Show Real Estate Mogul Gilbert S Wright Owing The Property

From “The Historical Observer” Fall 2004 Although tax records show real estate mogul Gilbert S. Wright owing this property from 1912-1915, the permits to build the house and garage were taken out in 1914 under the name of Arthur Jones, the owner of record between 1915 and 1918. No architect is credited with either structure,…

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100 No. Irving Boulevard, New Windsor Square

The Larchmont Chronicle First Street and Irving Boulevard

From “The Larchmont Chronicle” June 2016 by Richard Battaglia The 3,564 square foot house at the corner of First Street and Irving Boulevard sits on a 10,396 square foot lot, and is nestled, or more to the point, hidden, on a quiet corner. For years one of the most identifying items of this northeast corner…

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605 So. Plymouth Boulevard, Windsor Square

Awesome Plymouth Boulevard Windsor Square

Built in 1906 by architect Arthur Heineman, the three-story home at 605 So. Plymouth Boulevard is an excellent example of the California Craftsman style. The home, originally in downtown Los Angeles, was moved in the 1920s by John Bullock to property he owned between Sixth Street and Wilshire Boulevard on Plymouth.  Bullock, founder of the department…

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419 So. Lorraine Avenue, Windsor Square

Amazing Property Lorraine Avenue Windsor Square

“Sunshine Hill” is the name given to the Greek Revival estate originally designed for Mrs. Jeanette Donovan by architect Theodore Eisen in 1913. Built of sold California redwood, the house is a rare example in this area of the Classical Revival style so widely imitated on the west coast at the turn of the century. The exterior…

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404 So. Irving Boulevard, Windsor Square

A Two Story Mediterranean House

Built in 1919, the Golay home is a two-story Mediterranean house with 4,888 square foot of living space including 7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. In the foyer of the house are Directoire style sconces and a Chippendale settee.  The house features a French chandelier of crystal and gilt in the dining room and yellow silk…

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435 So. Rimpau Boulevard, Hancock Park

Take A Look At Rimpau Boulevard Hancock Park

This English style home was designed by architect John C. Austin and built by Joseph Elmer Carr for his investor son, Brenton Stanley Carr, who was married to Margaret Cuzner Carr.  Margaret’s father was a partner in Kerckhoff-Cuzner Lumber, which supplied materials for this residence. The home has leaded glass windows and steel sashes brought…

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434 So. Rimpau Boulevard, Hancock Park

Look At the Awesome House With 12 Rooms

From “The Historical Observer” Fall 1982 The present Colonial residence of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hutchison was built in 1926 for Henry McKee of Barker Brothers.  The 12-room house, built on a half-acre parcel, was designed by architect McNeal Swasey. The Hutchisons purchased it in 1981 from Jane and Pat Collee, who, as the third owners…

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