Ghosts Of Greystone Beverly Hills by Clete Keith

WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 27TH, 7:00 PM Clete Keith never had thoughts of writing a book, let alone one on the paranormal. He was not someone totally convinced of the existence of ghosts or spiritual hauntings – until he started working at Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. After twenty-two years working at the mansion, he woke up…

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Better Luck Next Time

Better Luck Next Time Signed Copies by Julia Johnson

August 25th, 7:00 PM. Do you want to read something funny?  Let’s say, a novel set at a divorce ranch in Reno in the 1930s?  A book with memorably eccentric characters, sparkling dialogue, a satisfying plot twist, and some romance and sex?  A feel-good literary comedy/western?  Here it is, then, the book you’ve been looking…

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Clubhouse Turn by Michelle Asselin

Please join us on MARCH 17th at 7:00pm. On December 22, 2013, the world-famous Hollywood Park Race Track closed its doors forever. In 2014, demolition began on the landmark race track, effectively erasing seventy-five years of history, while at the same time making space for an entire new neighborhood to suddenly arise in the middle…

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Bunker Hill Los Angeles: Essence of Sunshine and Noir

Bunker Hill Los Angeles by Nathan Marsak

Please join us on February 17th at 7:00pm. In Bunker Hill Los Angeles: Essence of Sunshine and Noir, historian Nathan Marsak tells the story of the Hill, from the district’s inception in the mid-19th century to its present day. Once home to wealthy Angelenos living in LA’s “first suburb,” then the epicenter of the city’s shifting demographics…

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An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles

An Architectural Guidebook To Los Angeles

Please join us on January 13th at 7:00pm. The map may not be the territory, and the word may not be the thing, but An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles is as close as it gets. Originally authored over fifty years ago by renowned architectural historians Robert Winter—described by Los Angeles Magazine as both the…

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Inside Hancock Park by Jane Gilman

Larchmont Chronicle pioneer and historical society co-founder, Jane Gilman has written a book about what she knows best, Hancock Park. She puts Hancock Park into the palm of your hand with ease and grace. This is a sweet book that would be a great gift for the holidays. Each book will be purchased directly by…

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