WSHPHS New Member Spotlight: Edgar and David (Regan) Cervantes


Edgar and I moved to Hancock Park in March 2021. We feel very fortunate to call 444 S Muirfield our home.  I’m originally from Boston and moved to LA in 2010 after stints in London, NYC and Philadelphia. I moved to LA not knowing many people and quickly fell in love with Los Angeles. I met my husband, Edgar Cervantes, in 2016. He is an LA native (originally from East LA). One of the great things about Edgar is his big family (35 first cousins!) and when we met, I felt like I gained roots in LA. We welcomed our first child (Enrique “Quique” Tizoc) in October 2019 and we are expecting another child in late 2021. We also live with Edgar’s mom (Roselia Cervantes) and our dog (Robert Mueller – an English Bulldog). Roselia is originally from Michoacan, Mexico.  I’m a managing director at JPMorgan Private Bank. I have been with the company since graduating from Harvard in 1999.  Edgar worked in architecture for a number of years, most recently at Richard Manion. Edgar graduated from UCLA before attending Rice for his masters in architecture.  Edgar and I met at the Hammer Museum and have a passion for the institution. We are now members of the Hammer Circle, which is focused on sponsoring the biennial Made in LA exhibition of artists living and working in the greater Los Angeles area. I’m also on the board of Outfest (which is an organization focused on creating visibility to diverse LGBTQIA+ stories and empowering storytellers to drive meaningful social change) as well as being involved with various alumni groups for my college. 

We are excited to live in Hancock Park and see our family grow up here. I never imagined having a family and being able to raise them in such a beautiful home and neighborhood. We look forward to the many memories we will create in the home.