432 No. McCadden Place

The property at 432 No. McCadden Place was purchased in 1925 by Robert G. Stephens (valued at $1,800 for tax purposes), then sold in 1929 (valued at $4,200 for tax purposes), then sold again to Mr. Joseph Brant Banning Jr.  He was the grandson of Phineas Banning and son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Banning Sr.

This home was designed by Paul R. Williams and constructed at an estimated cost of $16,000 by contractors Howden & Howden.  The home was built next door to his mother’s home at 426 No. McCadden.  Prior to the time the house was built, Joseph Banning Jr. was general agent with Matson Navigation Company and resided in the family mansion at 1012-18 W. 31st Street.  He and his wife Alice and their two daughters lived in the home until 1970.

The home was then purchased by Nancy and Michael J. Brown who lived there until 1996 when it was sold to the current owners.

Architect Paul R. Williams
Built 1929

Transcribed by Jane Gilman, June 2021 Edited by Bret Parsons, January 2022