354 So. Windsor Boulevard – Windsor Square

354 So. Windsor Boulevard

One of the most famous names in the history of Los Angeles is that of the Van Nuys family.  Mr. Isaac Newton “I.N.” Van Nuys had a city in the San Fernando Valley named for him by his old friend Harry Chandler.  The family that owed its fortune to wheat farming were also leaders in banking.…

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343 So. Windsor Boulevard, Windsor Square

343 So. Windsor Boulevard

It is interesting to note that the contractor on the original permit, dated 1922, is the same name as the first owner, Maurice B. Korman.  One could conclude that the house is extremely well constructed as it was built by an industry professional. Mr. Korman chose SauL H. Brown as his architect.  Mr. Brown was…

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333 So. Windsor Boulevard, Windsor Square

333 So. Windsor Boulevard

This classic Mediterranean style home was built in 1914 by Mary Commons.  She hired the architectural team of Morgan, Walls & Morgan which consisted of Octavius Morgan, his son, O.M. Morgan, and J.A. Walls.  Many landmark buildings are attributed to this design team.  Octavius Morgan designed the W.P. Story Building at Sixth and Broadway, the Sisters…

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624 So. June Street, Hancock Park

624 So. June Street

This home is good example of a highly decorative version of Italian Renaissance style.  Built in 1928 for Rose and Harry Feigenbaum, it is somewhat eclectic with its Tudor arch door openings and Gothic multi-foil window deeply recessed over the front entrance.  More indicative of Italian Revival is the paneled front door faced with wrought…

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317 So. Windsor Boulevard, Windsor Square

This unique home, built in 1914, was one of a select group of buildings designed by the architect B. Cooper Corbett.  Although not much is known about the architect, we do know he was a graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris.  He designed homes in San Francisco for John Hepburn and Charles Gordon.  In…

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WSHPHS Annual Holiday Party

Sunday, December 12th, 5 – 7pm. You are invited to join us for our annual Holiday Party at the Landmark Home of Joseph Guidera. 5pm – 7pm 303 North June Street $45 for Members$55 for Member’s GuestsOpen to members and guest who have been vaccinated. SOLD OUT

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Mansions, Moguls & Movie Stars Twilight Tour

September 18, 5pm to 7pm. Please join us on a fascinating twilight walk through of historic Windsor Square on September 18th from 5:00 to 7:00. Explore the architecture and learn about the current and former residents of this beautiful area right in the center of Los Angeles. This is the second in our new series…

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Sold out On Sunday, August 29th at 4:00 you are invited to A Garden Party at the home of June Bilgore, 355 S. Windsor Blvd, Windsor Square. It is our Annual Meeting which usually takes place in June of each year. We had to pass over 2020 because of Covid but we are now back…

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340 South Plymouth

This home was built in 1926, during the time of prosperity following World War I, at an estimated cost of $20K plus $2.5K for the garage and servants’ rooms. Although Old Windsor Square began its development around 1911, it was in the 1920s that Los Angeles experienced growth in enormous proportions.             The lot was…

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212 Muirfield Road, Hancock Park

Architect:  Robert Farquhar Built 1923             Robert Farquhar (18972-1967) is one of Los Angeles’ most renowned architects.  His long career spanned designing of Festival Hall at San Francisco’s 1915 World Exhibition to being the chief architect of the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.  This home was built just three years before achieving his pinnacle – the…

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