333 So. Windsor Boulevard, Windsor Square

333 So. Windsor Boulevard

This classic Mediterranean style home was built in 1914 by Mary Commons.  She hired the architectural team of Morgan, Walls & Morgan which consisted of Octavius Morgan, his son, O.M. Morgan, and J.A. Walls.  Many landmark buildings are attributed to this design team.  Octavius Morgan designed the W.P. Story Building at Sixth and Broadway, the Sisters…

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624 So. June Street, Hancock Park

624 So. June Street

This home is good example of a highly decorative version of Italian Renaissance style.  Built in 1928 for Rose and Harry Feigenbaum, it is somewhat eclectic with its Tudor arch door openings and Gothic multi-foil window deeply recessed over the front entrance.  More indicative of Italian Revival is the paneled front door faced with wrought…

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425 South Plymouth

THE HISTORICAL OBSERVER The Windsor Square Hancock Park Historical Society was founded in 1976, the bicentennial of our nation’s birth. Since then almost a thousand stately homes in both Hancock Park, Windsor Square and the surrounding environs have been painstakingly researched by volunteer members. The Historical Observer is a venue to digitally document these archives…

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Larchmont Chronicle pioneer and historical society co-founder, Jane Gilman has written a book about what she knows best, Hancock Park. She puts Hancock Park into the palm of your hand with ease and grace. This is a sweet book that would be a great gift for the holidays. Each book will be purchased directly by…

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Most of us know Patty from being the recently elected President of The Ebell, proprietor of The Larchmont Buzz, a longtime member of the society, and resident of Fremont Place and She currently serves as a member of the Fremont Place Association Board. During her busy life, she somehow found time to write a book…

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